Happy New Year: The Game

The Game is a side scroller action adventure Bollywood game.

Available On : AiYoutube

Happy New Year: The Game is a side scroller action adventure Bollywood game where a group of six highly trained thieves take on thrilling missions using their unique skill sets and gadgets to pull off the greatest diamond heist of the world. Get ready for an action packed, heart racing adventure where you have to unlock doors, break walls, hack alarm systems, and crush guards who will charge at you and attack like blood thirsty zombies! Clash and dash with the charming Indian billionaire to steal the precious diamonds from his evil empire.

Game Features:
-- Super realistic 3D real modelled characters of Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah
-- 8 complete levels designed to test your mettle
-- Powerup: Go to the game store and shop for weapons, skill upgrades, shields, speed boosters
-- Real-time social multiplayer mode: Play against your friends on Facebook/Twitter
-- Discover the abilities of your favorite character by unlocking them: Some are super speedy, some are expert hackers and some fight like ninja samurais
-- Unique tag-team format: Switch between characters who have unique skills